Gifford Park Mural

Colour, design and a bit of paint can completely transform the way space is used. The work was originally commissioned to help stop anti-social behaviour, graffiti and drug use problems in the area. Now, the people of Southside of Edinburgh walk happily through the alleyway, as opposed to avoiding it. I worked with local people who stopped by, picked up a brush and helped to create the mural.


The City of Edinburgh Council & Sustrans


Art direction, Community Engagement, Mural

close up of Gifford Park mural in Edinburgh
Colour chart and planning for Gifford Park mural

Southside Association gave me a brief to reflect the local area. This area has fantastic and colourful businesses, a haven of fabric shops, vintage clothing and food from all around the world. I am so proud of the way the mural changed the space completely and is now a place that draws people to it.

60s style woman with long blond hair in an Alice band holding a teapot
Woman with long blond hair in an Alice band holds an orange teapot
Gifford Park Mural in bright pinks and blues with artworks including ice-cream cone, a juggling tightrope walker and bicycle
Woman cycling through the alleyway of Gifford Park

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