Inbetween Book cover art with woman in yoga pose, stags, foxes, roses, bees and a hare

Inbetween Book

This was a labour of love! My friend Julie McGuire and I combined our skills (Julie - Yoga and me - book design) to create an interactive journal with the aim of empowering women. The book is made up of stories, tasks and yoga postures. The artwork is rich, detailed and vivid so as to take the audience to beautiful new worlds. 




Illustration, Photography, Book design & layout, Book Cover Design, Web design,

InBetween logo is a letter B inside a circle
young woman in a turquoise sits in a field of yellow flowers with hares superimposed over the image
Beautiful older woman with white hair stands on beach wearing a dress made from paper fans surrounded by flying cranes image is inspired from Japanese traditional artworks
Inbetween Book animation of hands flicking though the book
InBetween logo in yellow

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